chicago running around

not a great day for cars in the city. in fact I kind of had a mini-premonition, walking up the street from chris's apartment in the morning– a flash in my mind's eye of my parked car broken into– rounding the corner, turned out to be a big yellow boot. none of which is as mystical as I'm making it sound, a) because parking on the street in chris's neighborhood ain't really the safest ever and b) that boot was a long time coming– city people even dug up some old tickets from before I moved to chicago and had lost track of– but all in all, I'd say I was due.

thank goodness it was friday. and thank goodness for a boyfriend willing and able to help stave off some flipping out and drive me hither and yon to pay fines and help get big su unhobbled.

then off to work.

then closing early for holiday weekend and running around with the girlies– first with gigi around lincoln square…


and then off to albany park to wait with ladida for a long-fabled tow truck when mini broke down (during which someone couldn't seem to stop eating, fyi)…

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  and through it all miss lulu was very patient.

p.s. you simply must try mexican fast food fried chicken sometime. a truly surreal experience.

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to borrow from today's

It has always seemed absurd to suppose that a god would choose for his companions, during all eternity, the dear souls whose highest and only ambition is to obey.
-Robert Green Ingersoll, lawyer and orator (1833-1899)


it's a good morning. I have a pervading sense of well-being– which is just a phenomenal feeling. this is comprised of a few key elements: feeling well and properly seen and heard and treasured by my partner; making the time/space to reflect and ground; spending a lovely evening talk-talk-talking with a good new girlfriend; waking to quiet.

some people are adrenalin junkies– I am an emotional junkie. I feel that I am at my best when feeling a lot, intensively. this isn't a modus operandi that works for everyone, and I've caught flak for it my entire life. I'm not the sort who creates drama so that I can be the frontman in my own show– it's a different sort of thing, more internal and personally textured– I simply want to feel a lot. and so I do, and so I am.

some things that are moving me lately:

and still and always khalil gibran's the prophet.

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