got myself good with hothot cooking oil splashed from the pan last night (dumb dumb dumb)– lucky to have a fella around who's good in unpleasant medical situations (and who can also finish the cooking– seared pork chops with a mushroom, onion, pear, white wine, and membrillo (quince) tequila deglaze– delicious)– but, vain girl that I am, I reeeally wanted to call in ugly to work this morning. wah.


maybe I can consider it a type of urban primitives scarification thing. in any case, am definitely planning to work it into the halloween costume someways– good thing our costume plan allows for it!

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stop the plan to sulfide mine michigan’s u.p.!

hooray for beloved iowan greg brown’s contribution to the ongoing (expensive, frustrating, at times utterly disheartening) battle against international mega mining conglomerates filching the resources from the ground and poisoning waterways in one of the few remaining true american wildernesses! (I’d embed the video, but it’s important to actually go to the site)–

Yellow Dog

also please check out the MiWater – the Clean Water Ballot Initiative for michigan– and pick your favorite body of water to tell a story about!

(and just a little geographically-related side note to my pals: please try to keep labor day weekend 2010 clear. kthanxbye.)

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the right way to start off a week

after plenty of sleep (i.e. napful, easygoing, soul-spacious weekend), cellphone alarm starts playing jenny lewis at 6 a.m. hit hush, scritch puppy and fall back asleep. wake for good when it goes off again at 6:30.

rise, throw on sweats and sneaks, and drag puppy and feller from bed, grumbly and rumpled for walk in still-dark morning through autumn neighborhoods.

stop for coffee and lox-cream-cheese-bagels and chit chat with the guys at beans n bagels.

cross the river on the wilson bridge with sunrise.

100 situps on the yoga mat.

art play table for an hour or so and actually make a piece start-to-finish.

off to work with a fine happy head.


weather report

I’m liking the look of things, the halloween colors, bright orange leaves, black branches. even the cold-gleaming wet sidewalks.

it does get tough when the skies hang low and grey– too many clouds to know all the names– strange ones pendulous as solid gigantic fruit suspended in air. or wispy spun drifts of vapor. my scribbled notebook, mainly garbage but with the occasional glint, exclaims over a single such airborne traveler. they’re what’s on my mind, some days.

then partly sunny, color leaps to the eye and helps resuscitate the grey-wearied mind.

a bumpy ride on the chicago streets these days– potholes, of one kind and another. everyone loves having something to complain of, but too much ready plaint a wet blanket in cold weather.


"everything! everything! everything!" (violent femmes)

facebook is gobbling up the energy/thoughts I would otherwise expiate here. but abbreviated and at the mercies of a larger and less self-selected/sympathetic audience than voxdom, and so I question the wisdom of this time/energy use.

I've been up since approximately 2 (it being now 5:18) at which time the feller came to bed and showed me all the pimping he'd done to my cell phone. with which I take fewer and worse photos than I did with the lower-end LG, which irks me.

I'm definitively not in michigan, where I thought I'd be right about now, probably still driving– visit determined not needed, so fine– I'm here, but not really ready to be here, having thought I'd be there– not ready to go to work today, having thought I'd be taking it off, and yesterday being such a dreadful headcase making me want to avoid the site of such uncenteredness entirely.

among the million things, was called a "cyber stalker", meant in jest almost surely, tho it stings since I'm such a watcher-wallflower and have loathed it for years, dreading those moments when my well-intentioned gaze is unwanted and garners tiny smackdowns– this tag, I should mention, in the context of fb public wall posts, so the truth of the suggestion clearly compromised, but still. the suggestion of it stinging.

oversensitive overreacting excessively inappropriately awake

hahahahahahahaha: all that I cannot say in fb space and that clangs around the cranium in odd hours. and so I purge it here. and you, if you are reading this, oh lord tread lightly– lack of sleep and judgment no doubt induces overmuch sharing of insecurity insanities.

and now back to bed, to breathe the air of puppy and fella and try to calm and sleep at least a smidge unto this undesired workday.

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