what is this?

whatever it is, it is changing. maybe indeed that is one of the few defining characteristics. also that it’s stuff I’ve written, stuff I’m writing. kind of all scrambled-up together. the stuff that collects in, say, a navel. but it used to be more coherent– used to be primarily dream-narratives– the words I wrote down in the book I keep beside the bed after I woke up, then typed-up, revised, “polished” for public consumption, somewhat. then, with the advent of the blogger tool, it changed dramatically. became more declarative, more… discursive. not to get too academicky or anything. but it fits. the words accumulating seemed– because they *were*– more directed toward an audience. from the get-go. and now what change do I have in mind? well, cross-posting, to be blunt. because it’s bugging me that my attention directed elsewhere necessarily causes this, my primary sarah site, to languish. so I’m thinking I just might gather up and re-post here stuff I’m writing elsewhere, like the topic project. not only does that let me feel like I’m at least somewhat actively keeping a hand in here, but it also begins to concoct a kind of collection of diverse bits of writing, if only for my own consultation. so as not to have to hunt and sift later. or that’s the rationalization. anyway. so there.

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