too many days sine linea

I lose track. I loose track– rails running all over the place, box cars clattering, precarious, full of everything under the sun: piles of dust, tilting coat racks, stained kitchen sinks, out-of-date vehicle registrations, vegetable drawers of dessicated fruit, a bed with a knit blanket in place of a bottom sheet, so many post-it notes, the wrong type of cat food, answering machine messages of robotic voices saying, please call us as soon as possible at 1-800-…

where are words in all of this? somewhere down underneath the debris. but I’m still waking to the occasional lightbulb. this morning’s revelation was that the university hasn’t actually paid me for the course I taught this spring. which seems like a pretty big one.

but anyway. consider this a place-holder. lameass, but the best I can manage. something just to say, hello. kind of like tapping the spacebar to keep the screen saver from kicking in. meanwhile, we will continue circling, waiting for a break in the fog.

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