the river

my mother and I are going upriver in a borrowed canoe– the water is flowing in the wrong direction. we have no paddles, so I’m trying to guide us with my hands toward our own boathouse where I can grab some– but the wind keeps blowing us off my intended course, and the paddles I’m reaching for keep slipping past my grasp. the wind blows us across the river to the far side of a reedy island, and I know we’re headed for open water. at some point I abandon ship, where both my mother and sister now sit together, in order to find paddles or some type of assistance.

I’m frolicking in the clear river water with friends when one of them says something about my cute little butt– I discover I’m wearing nothing but a tshirt and keep pulling it down and tell the friend to cut it out– but she’s determined to get me to show my cute little but to everyone– and finally, in utter dismay, I splash off across the river and scramble up the bank and away.

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