what’s my gender

I’m half-dressed, just wearing a long tshirt (which is not quite long enough) when I step outside the dressing closet to quickly grab some clothes out of my bag– just then someone else walks by and sees me– sees my pubic area visible beneath the hem of the shirt– and I realize it’s odly bare and smooth, no hair, and pulled up in such a way that a small knot hangs down– back inside the closet, I look in the mirror and realize I have a tiny penis– then someone else starts to come in, followed by another– the guys’ and the girls’ closets are all together in here, connected– and by now I have my shirt off and am rushing around with a blue bra clutched to my breasts, not on yet, just trying to cover myself and duck away to dress.

the guys are all having some sort of boring guy meeting and the girls are all downstairs doing their own thing. I hang a long, colorful rope swing from a handy hook in the ceiling and put on a chick folksinger I like and proceed to swing all through the upstairs rooms, in and out of the room where the guys are meeting. after awhile I get tired of swinging and hop down– at this point I’m wearing my black and white bathing suit which has served as a kind of leotard– and now I decide I’ll go swimming, knowing the guys will be able to see me if they look– so far there’s been no real response to my shenanigans, but I’m confident that they can see me if they only will.

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