hotels & malls

I’m barricading myself in the hotel bathroom– there are people and situations on the other side of the door I just don’t want to deal with. I’m trying desperately to turn the bolt on the door, but it seems to resist sliding home. I’m going around the room pulling the largest towels I can find off the racks– they’re all in dark colors and infuriatingly small– I’m planning to build myself a bed on the shower floor and just live in here if it comes to that.

laura’s waiting for me to meet her to go hear a band play in a ballroom of a hotel attached to a mall, and I’m lost in the mall and can’t figure out how to get there– we keep communicating with one another by cell phone, but I don’t manage to get directions or the right name of the room– I keep going up and downstairs and around and around, growing ever more desperate and distraught. Jen comes along at one point in her red coat and boots, and I try to get her to come with me, but she’s not interested. ultimately there’s a man who joins me– either my father or a lot like him– and he keeps disagreeing with me about which way to go, and it keeps pissing me off when it turns out he’s right.

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