the wind has blown my house down— upstairs has collapsed into downstairs, and the whole structure is unsound— I’m running around trying to salvage what I can, what I want to keep or sell— it feels like kind of a relief that my options are limited, that the entire upstairs and basement are ruled out by the structural damage, and as I hurry through the wreckage, collecting this and that, I realize how little I truly need or care about, although the process goes on and on seemingly all night long.

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  1. they had a thing on NPR about limited choices and how much happier people are when they can just satisfice… rather than maximize. not so poetic, but true. to get what you want is success, want what you get is happiness, they started out saying. so yeah, you were happy with that broken house and those things finally gone so you didn’t have to figure out how to care about them.

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