one last night

I dreamed I re-met a man I had loved before– somehow no one was intentionally at fault, but he was engaged to another woman– maybe we had inadvertently lost one another years before– we loved each other desperately, but he still wasn’t going to leave her– all I got, to everyone’s grudging approval, was one night for goodbye. she and friends were active in the rest of the apartment– she maddened by what was going on behind the closed door, but carrying on– I could tune it all out just to be with him. because it was to be just the one night, it was all the more poignant.

and then a kid, someone’s, burst in to ask for something, and everyone on both sides of the door jumped– the artificial boundary breached– and once it was, the others started coming in, too– and I was losing it, screaming, out! OUT! I only have this one night– you have him forever– get OUT! and they went, but by then it was ruined, I was brokenhearted, facing how it was. and I began to gather my things, weeping, desolate. I couldn’t find my train ticket, and I didn’t know what to do since I didn’t have any money– so I had to ask for their help. the ticket was black, and she found it and handed it to me with a soft look on her face– and I took it with a sob, and it was over.

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