rowing around on a dark lake with piney edges and dark, ragged, sudden dropoffs– I am a passenger, two other women at the oars, and they drive the boat into a black cave– I want them to stop, but they go further into the blackness– we can hear others up ahead in the darkness, which makes it “okay”, but I am not okay– especially when the air fills with bats or even smaller whirring things all around my head– I am panicking– and finally we go back out.

I’m flyinging high above the landscape with a plane– but somehow I’ve ended up on the outside, clinging to pillowy soft pieces on the side, watching lakes and trees pass beneath, wondering if there’s any way I might survive a fall– I keep slipping into a drowse and literally slipping, and I have to catch myself and pull back up– but then the copilot notices me clinging there and climbs out and helps me back inside the craft.

there’s a big fight between college students at the edge of a precipice, a rough chasm dropping a mile down into a glittering lake that looks modest from the height but I know is enormous and deep– they’re battling with long poles over some point of honor, and they fall over the edge in droves and fall forever, still engaged in conflict, a whole crowd of youth and potential falling so far, plummeting and disappearing without a sound into the water beneath, the lake’s gleaming surface folding cleanly over all the signs of struggle. someone erects a plaque.

there’s a woman living out in the desert, burrowed into a sandy hillside– the white earth walls are full of the tunnels and activity of small creatures, but she’s unbothered by it– they keep to themselves, she goes about her business– until some hooligans show up, a black-clad gang of them, drawn to the place– they’re spirits reanimated or reshaped into borrowed bodies by some dark force. one of them, a young woman, comes back to her after they leave to show her, tell her. the last shot is of the woman gazing out her round embedded window into the view– someone sees her from far, far away.

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