wishes for a new year

2008, yo. so has the novelty of being out of the 1900s worn off? not for me, still. the digits we’re in continue to give a little tweak somewhere. and then there are the other digits, the 40s, whose tweak is more directly personal.

I rang in the new year with some truly delightful creative chicago people at a mustache-optional party in a flat still bearing remnants of 1980s well-heeled decor and walls of polaroid-immortalized friends– floated past midnight on a gin wave, eating my weight in stuffed mushrooms and meatballs on toothpicks, upper lip raw with the piney stink of spirit gum, dancing up a storm and smoking exactly one quarter inch of an absolutely disgusting chinese cigarette– and now…

bring on the resolutions. yesterday, at the 11th hour, as it were, i actually joined a gym. good heavens. but it’s easy walking distance from my house and crazy cheap, so it seemed like a no-brainer. and now, still dark on the morning of january 1, but quickly getting lighter in the snow-white world out my window, here are a few wishes I make for us collectively for the coming year–

may our conversations be rich and either swiftly to the point or luxuriously circuitous.

may we honor those who’ve come before while seeking our own, right ground.

may the roller coaster ride bring views of distant lands and plunging, beating hearts that assert life above all– and may we all successfully keep our hands and heads safely within the vehicle.

may we continue to strive to find creative solutions to adversity, never despairing.

may this brilliant world and its kooky and gorgeous inhabitants keep us feeling a part of an immense living family– at times fraught with dysfunction among our closest siblings, the human kind, but boisterous and persistent and riddled with grace throughout green and swimming and creeping cousins.

may we love as much as possible and beyond and continue to open and open and open though daily experience might make us want to shutter and fold, may we go on opening.

xo to all.

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  1. Happy New Year! (Good Lord, you're up early – or late!) Best resolutions I've ever seen, and I particularly love this one:"may we continue to strive to find creative solutions to adversity, never despairing."Wishing you the best new year yet!

  2. in truth the gin wave left me stranded rather dehydrated on morning's beach– but after a couple of glasses of water and noodling around on vox for a bit, my head will surely hit the pillow for a spell again. and then– it's to the gym with me! woo!

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