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  1. oh, indeed. the hannah-cat starts sitting on the nightstand, staring and willing me awake, at around 4am, and starts biting around 7:30. imperious little creatures, ain't they?

  2. oh my. if only mine were so subtle. we had a downright circus beginning at about 1 a.m. I finally shut them out of the bedroom around 4, and when I opened it again at 7:30, poor dog george was a nervous wreck from the mad cats' shenanigans. whew. thank GOD it's friday, is all I can say.

  3. When Jake is out of food…he starts with a whole routine. First, he takes my hair in his teeth, right at the scalp and tugs. When I push him off the bed, he jumps up and licks my eyelids.
    Next, comes the drinking water out of my nightstand glass. Followed up a rousing game of knock over the master bathroom wastebasket and play with, lick and bat around its contents.
    By that time, Dan is usually up and goes downstairs to feed him and without fail, you go downstairs and there are about 15 pieces of food in his bowl.
    I think he just frets when its not a full bowl. Neurotic, little monster.

  4. HAaha! Great tip!we make our own cat food, and it sucks when we give them the last of the food before making a new batch, never as big as a normal feeding. Hate it when this last serving is at night, we get the 3 am wake up call from bones first, then Helios will pace back and forth over the top of us at 6 am. Then Luna will start putting her paws on our faces at about 7. If we still do not get up, they start fighting, so the claws on the floor and the hisses and growls usually get us out of bed.

  5. hoo-boy! you totally make me feel better about having such a nutso cat. she's not that weird when it comes to morning food, cause i leave her some dry food overnight, and she's only stalking me for her treats, but the rest of the day, she's a total freakshow. unless she's asleep. she's cute when she sleeps. ;)

  6. Haha, nope we go to the local organic farm and buy a whole chicken and two pounds of ground beef, cook them. Grind them in the food processor with, 2 cups cooked oats, and 2 cups+ steamed veggies( usually green beans or carrots) add taurine, some other supplements and flax seed oil, baked egg shells ground into a fine dust (calcium) brewers yeast flakes, kelp, sometimes baked salmon too. It becomes a giant bowl of meat paste. YUM! then we put it in plastic containers and freeze 2/3 of the mixture. That lasts a week. when we started making our own food our fat cranky cat lost about 5 lbs and became our fit grouchy cat. We nursed a very ill stray back to health with this food, and our kitten…. well I think the food has made her bones into rubber. : )

  7. the pet food recall thing left us with one less cat. We love our animals SO much, we want them around for as long as we can keep them. It was incredibly painful to lose our sweet Twilight. We wanted to make sure our other cat was not going to go as well.

  8. oh my god, seriously. :( I'm so sorry. george got a bout of that bad food, too, but fortunately it was just a tiny sample envelope I gave him as a treat, so it just made him really really sick rather than dead. how awful.

  9. Excellent advice. ;) I've started locking my cats out of my bedroom. I do feel kind of bad about it — and miss them when they're actually being nice and cuddly… but it is soooo worth it in terms of not being pounced/stalked/incessantly mrow-ed at from the wee hours on AND not having cat hair all over my bed. Mine are like Nancy's — if the bowl isn't half full, then they're "starving." Bastards.

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