life as a gas-guzzler

who’s driving this thing, anyway??

oh, right. it’s me.

so what’s with all the swerves and cul-de-sacs?

I’ve heard that some people actually call up triple-A ahead of time and get triptiks so they know where all the construction is so they can avoid it. I’ve heard that some people actually, yknow, plan their course. like, rather than meandering.

then there are some of us who drive without insurance (tho not me anymore, thankyouverymuch) and plow into ditches.

some of us go yee-hawing off the paved highways at top speeds and earn glorious views for their daring.

some of us putter along the dark forest track with the lowbeams on.

some make a habit of zooming up the parking lane and cutting in front of others without signalling even.

me, the road that winds out behind is an interesting, curvy one– but sometimes I have real concerns about the course ahead.

sometimes it’s good just to get out and walk, literally. george agrees.

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