blah blah blah blah blah blah saturday blah blah blah. blah blah blah blah blah blah fiction blah laundry blah movies blah. blah blah blah extremely fucking cold blah. blah blah jets crazy loud blah blah blah blah. bourbon blah blah. blah blah.

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  1. at the moment a balmy -2. yesterday the cold made my car totally twilight zone– got in, cranked it up, looked at all the frosty patterns on the windshield, turned up the defroster/heater– and realized nothing was happening, no blower, nada– then, as I drove down the street, hazardously regardless, I realized all the dials were hanging out on zero– according to them I was driving zero mph, zero rpm, zero battery power… but the machine was mobile, so I just kinda puffed away my breath clouds and squinted through the windscreen and continued on my merry way, since I wasn't going too far. hoping big su's just objecting to being made to work in crazy cold rather than having an electrical malfunction. good weekend for hanging out inside my cozy apartment and reading dumb fiction and watching dumb movies. only thing that lured me out yesterday was the prospect of doing same over at laura's with added bonus of access to laundry machines. today I think I may say to heck with the outside world altogether, apart from the occasional necessaries as mister george, poor fella has some sort of intestinal displeasure. woo! how's that for an exciting update on all the particulars 'round these parts… dang, I should have thrown in my shoe size while I was at it.

  2. Well, when I woke up to walk the dogs it was -5 without the wind factored in. Blah is right. And I have to leave the house today. Boo.

  3. I will. I wish I could just stay in bed, watching crappy movies and eating junk.I would love to see you again soon, but only after the temp hits 20F or above :-)

  4. Do you know anyone who'd be willing to adopt two kitties (ages 11 and 10) who are being given up because the couple is having a baby? Um, yeah. Class was ick. They want us to learn stuff and turn in papers and all sorts of crap like now. Freaks.

  5. OMG WTF. I expect there are issues I'm not privvy to, but basically people just make my blood boil. I don't know anyone right off the bat, but I'll keep an ear out… godDAMMIT I hate how we make expendable accessories of housepets. we humans suck a big one. escaping into escapist fiction now.

  6. I know I know. and in truth I'm no better in a gazillion ways. this is just a hotbutton issue for me, as I know it is for you. <reminding myself of compassion and lovingkindness, compassion and lovingkindness…>

  7. Geeeeeezus – makes me cold just thinking about how cold y'all are. We were looking at the temps in Wisconsin this morning (for the game later) and were like WTF…Poor Su!

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