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  1. odalisque = "Art subject" my arse. Men from time immemorial have wanted to paint (and sleep with) their naked muses. Giving it a fancy name doesnt change the reality.
    I wouldn't call that an art form any more than I'd call a pimp a modeling agent.

  2. good points. I don't mean to give it a fancy name or change reality. I should probably rephrase several things that I elided in a single term, however. there are noticeable traditions in figure painting, by which I mean typical subjects that track through centuries and which artists reference with their own work to make various sorts of statements– categories and subcategories, such as nude: female nude: female nude reclining: and then a further subset of these, the odalisque (which is, simply, the french name for a harem slave, a subject frequently portrayed by male painters during a certain period in art history). I made a beeline for this one specifically because women painters took it up as a particular form to reinterpret precisely because of the relative positions of power asserted by portraying a recumbent, lambent, often sleeping, passive and sexually available woman. so in the end I think your leap to pimp has a lot of relevance to this discussion. (tho I still think you could stand to work on your delivery, which comes across, perhaps unintentionally, as inflammatory and quarrelsome– which I think is a shame, as a lot of the time you have interesting insights to share.)

  3. Don't get me wrong- I think the picture is awesome- but my interpretation is that she has eaten some of the mushrooms on the lawn to her left and is hallucinating the entire vista.

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