facebook can bite me

okay, yeah, I’ve been awake for a few of the wrong hours, so maybe my patience and tact are a mite slim. and I like having a sheep thrown at me as much as the next person. but seriously. facebook’s annoyance quotient has gone seriously through the roof with all the quizzes (half of which won’t even let you see your results until you’ve spammed 10 other people, the fckers) and FUNWALL and hooha and crap. so that’s it. I’m done. if I don’t respond to your movie challenges or guess the latest celebrity couple critical contests, please don’t take it personally. I’ve just decided that facebook is the antichrist.

3 Replies to “facebook can bite me”

  1. You clearly have much more patience than I, since I gave up on Facebook long ago, when the flood of ridiculous Facebook "apps" began. All I ever wanted to do was post a little message on some Walls now and again, but it got so I had to scroll down past so many FunWalls, growing gifts, Harry Potter Spells, What kind of … are yous, it was getting to be too much effort. The FunWall app really chaps my ass the most, since as far as I can tell, it's mostly useful for all those people who propagate chain letters and viral videos to really give it everything they've got.Admittedly, I still check it from time to time, since it's the only way I have to keep in touch with a small subset of my friends. It's such an overload of information every time, though, I have to take a few seconds to get my bearings after each time I log in.

  2. There are some FB applications that I like but I don't like clutter. And I don't like having to spam people for things. I usually don't add applications where that is required.
    I do like being able to update my status without having to write a blog post and write messages on walls. There would be a list of things that I'd change about the place. Althouh it's a lot better than MySpace, which I never got into.

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