I am fetid

after the day of airline shenanigans and then two-now-going-on-three days in bed with the sweats/chills/coughs/bodyaches/fever dreams of flu, I am one rank typhoid mary. this virus is having its way with me, and I seem able to do little more than let it. occasionally summon my energy reserves to take the dog down the block, and then back to the sickroom. thus far have ingested one bottle nyquil, assorted packets theraflu and advil tablets, approximately one gallon juice, about half a gallon soup, and numerous cups of hot water with lemon and honey. I have hopes of actually making it in to work tomorrow. for the time being standing unclothed and letting water of any temperature fall on my unprotected skin sounds about like the least appealing activity I can imagine. so I stink. cough and stink. at present I totally get why flu is life-threatening for the elderly– being no walk in the park for those of us in the prime of life. I realize how entirely normal and prosaic all this is, but experientially it feels a whole lot more significant– like one day soon I shall look back on this as the week of some great purgative event.

7 Replies to “I am fetid”

  1. You managed to put this flu thing into such perfect words. That's totally the way we have all felt in this house. Walking the dog seems like the hardest job in the world and NOBODY wants to do it!
    get well soon:-)

  2. Oh honey….you poor thing.
    Would a hot bath make you feel better? Whenever I'm sick, I can't do the shower thing….but I loves me a nice hot bath.
    Feel better….and its OK if you stink a little. You've earned it.

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