1. the telephone is a most excellent device! and weekends! I love free talk minutes weekends! I’ve had some absolutely delightful catchup sessions with a couple of friends yesterday and today, and this makes me feel that indeed there may be some speck of hope for happiness in my glum existence.

2. my friends with serious phone phobia, and you well know who you are, had better get right over it. because, A., some of you are in the process of making babies, and once kids are in the picture, that shit’s no longer gonna fly, and, B., I give great phone, yo.

3. when you’re traveling? and trying to connect up with people, you know? awesome.

4. the old free-with-2yr-contract samsung flipphone has been a real trooper– we’re well past that initial 2yr contract period at this stage, and now, finally, I come to retiring it– even though it has stood up to repeated cat abuse from charlie tuna upon its ring of my morning alarm, even though it has been the trustiest of devices, because now the battery is failing to keep its charge– and I jump on this as an excuse, at long last, to procure a qwerty keyboard. oh sms joy coming my way! no, not an iphone– dodgy reviews from a few owners conspired with that big ole pricetag ultimately to make me swerve on over to a crazy deal on a cute orange lg env through amazon. new phone number going out soon in email to friends and family.

5. scheduling friend catchup sessions can be difficult when you’re just not sure how you’re gonna feel on any given day (listen, phone phobes, I get it, I do)– the prospect of giving a thumbnail rundown on Things can be a little daunting when all that springs to mind is I hate my life and everything sucks— though you may well know it to be the farthest thing from the truth, sometimes it feels like it, yknow?

6. it is good not to feel so alone in the world.

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  1. Hi, I'm Lisa and I kind of don't like the phone. I have learned to make phone dates with friends out of state. It's good. Luckily, I can make real, live dates with you. I'm looking forward to hanging out when I get back from school!

  2. I hate my life and everything sucks– though you may well know it to be the farthest thing from the truth, sometimes it feels like it, yknow?Oh, I know. it is good not to feel so alone in the world.Yes.

  3. yeah, and you sms. and pick up the phone when I call. which I can't say about everyone, well-shod, well-coiffed, and utterly charming as such people may indeed be. not that I'm naming any names. no way, uh uh.(this is, btw, really mean blackmail, since she always writes the most entertaining and thoroughly apologetic emails when I call her on it– and she does give good email, by golly– but it's just not the same, yknow? crap. this is very underhanded. I should be quite ashamed. should.)hooray for your return from school obligations! I'll be here, lovely one– and of *course* I'd rather hang with you than do the phone thing any day. the phone, as you say, is useful mainly for those situations where face-to-face is impossible. xoxox.

  4. I hate talking on the phone I have come to accept texting as an acceptable alternative, but e-mail (documentation!) is my bestest friend. That said, I need a new phone too. Orangie looks pretty snazzy! My old phone is going on four (!!) years old now — and I need to replace it (baby doesn't hold much of a charge anymore). I'm eager to hear your review about your new soon-to-be phone! P.S. I love the color orange!

  5. Though I'm not so hot at email, either, I'm really not good with the telephone at all. If I have a specific topic to discuss, I do fine, but my conversations inevitably end up being awkward after I've said what I wanted to say. I have a difficult enough time with social cues in person, so telephone conversations are simply exhausting. For some reason, cell phones are all the worse.I don''t use my cell phone very often. As a result, I don't I've rarely had a current phone and never a fancy one, though I had one before many other people did, simply because I wanted to be able to tell people I was running late.

  6. Another great thing about SMS is its brevity: one need not feel compelled to stray from the subject at hand — in fact, cannot because of limited space.I usually end up calling when I'm late, though, so I can be more profuse with my apologies. Also, texting while driving is not advisable.I end up using my phone for SMS very little, possibly even less than for voice.

  7. Een, have you done any reading about autism? Whenever I read anything about Asperger's, I usually see a little myself there. I don't think I'd qualify for a such a diagnosis and maybe it's just introversion and specific forms of shyness, but I have one daughter who has such a facility with people, she makes me think, "Well, I could never do that!" My other daughter is much more like me, especially when I was her age: it's very difficult for her to make friends and she often only catches subtle cues in conversation after it's too late.I used to do everything I could to avoid calling people on the phone. It's not as bad now as it used to be, maybe because I've been working on it or maybe because my need to talk to people has overcome my aversion.It's nice (in a comforting way) to meet someone with similar feelings about telephones. I don't meet many such people when I go out to a bar or a party. I guess they don't go out much.

  8. Matt, yes! I actually score very high on that Austism Quotient test. I'm weird in that I'm very empathetic but tend to have social cue issues (and other things one would associate with autism). I completely hate parties and all the sensory overload. As a kid I preferred not to speak and would put my desk in the corner facing the wall in school when we could choose such things. It was nice and secluded. I carry myself with assurance but even in person sometimes have
    problems with cues. I can hide it but will ask my very patient husband
    to verify things after it's all done. Sometimes I feel like a big fake. And yes, it is good to meet other people who have these issues. Looking and mostly acting normal doesn't mean it's not there.

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