really liking people

I’ve realized something about myself– I have always gravitated toward love affairs and best friends– it’s the really really digging people, getting excited about other people, that gets me up out of myself. it’s kind of adolescent, maybe, and maybe exhausting and maybe difficult at times, but by and large the way I tick. it’s envigorating– and I think, I hope, the vigor I put into the world increases. whatever it takes, perhaps.

it is good to enjoy other people and to feel connected.

it’s kind of odd what a largely solitary experience moving to a city can be.

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  1. i very much relate, and i think it's pretty sweet to be relational. it makes life rich and interesting, with a lot of kindness and goodness sprinkled through it, plus it means we're folks who are good to work with. liking people, digging the thrill of connecting and thinking with people–that's got good collaborator and networker written all over it. and it gets less exhausting and difficult the longer i do it, i think. over time and practice, i've gotten better at the delightment and excitement parts, and at managing boundaries so as to cut down on the unhealthy enmeshment parts. hmmm…i'm rambling a bit now. and so, off i go!

  2. aw, shucks. it's just really unbelievably nice to have time to read and respond. :) it really is very nice to be knowing you, and i've missed the 'intertexting' while i've been so slammed.

  3. yeah, that academic life is pretty relentless. I don't miss the pervasive feeling of so seldom being able to raise my head up out of the workload– and yet, too, there are times I sincerely miss having a fairly intensive community of thinkers thickly around me– but the city does offer a multitude of possible experiences, and my adventure here is still only beginning to unfold a year and a half in. I guess in part one of the things I'm gradually working to accomplish is some type of transition from academic world to art+craft world, and chicago is a rich place to do this.

  4. sweetie, I have to tell you how grateful I am for you in this space– particularly with political upheavals and fallings-off of activity in waves on vox– I look on you as a delightful constant– not that this should ever feel like an obligation– just know that your blogging makes a real imprint in my life. xo.

  5. Oh, yes. Knowing there are kindred spirits around and spending time with them is really just good and happy and what makes life cool. Friends give me access to a new world through their viewpoints and loveliness and all that makes them good. I love leaving a good meeting with a friend, feeling the world is a better place for having them in it.

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