more personal ad gong show response winners:

Is that a real picture of you. If so, have you ever considered a brown bag.


you would make a good circus clown.  is that your real everyday photo?

and, ooh, be still my beating heart:

not bad, your kinda cute, may look better with some bangs, but i like your large breasts. if you want to get laid sometime give me a holla

gee, thanks for the self-grooming advice. wouldn't want my high forehead to make you lose your, er, manhood. at least I've got the breasts. phew!

gotta love craigslist. can't really beat these with a stick. :-D

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9 Replies to “awesomeness”

  1. Damn. I really dislike those first two people and am just not knowing what to say about the guy who wants a holla. Why do people say such things? Would he insist on you cutting bangs before he consented to the laying?

  2. I would presume so. I mean, he has his first these types of messages got under my skin– just people being ugly to strangers for no good reason– but I've lately come to find them hilarious and wouldn't give them up for the world. I mean, the last, it's true, is kind of personal, which made the transition from irritation to humor a little more difficult, but the first two are just out and out randomly supremely rude and don't, I feel, say anything about me as much as about their authors– and so funny. I tend to be altogether too self-serious and desperately need to lighten up on occasion.

  3. Probably if she replied to them with an email that said using a new feature of Google, she's figured where they live and work and she's coming over to discuss it, they'd crap their pants, too.The "holla" guy reminds me of when a college-age friend of ours told me one of the guys she was seeing refused to "spend the night" one time because she refused to shave her legs first. Ah, love, isn't it grand?

  4. I suppose there probably are people who troll the personals on Craig's List with the single purpose of sending off critical emails, in an effort to make these "critics" feel better about themselves, to make them feel their opinion might actually matter to somebody.I applaud your ability to rise above the rather noxious noise. I suspect I wouldn't be able to do the same myself.

  5. i never understood your delusion that your forehead is "high" or "tall" or just plain too-big.
    do you think a cro-magnon forehead would be better? show that there's a smaller brain inside?
    you look great the way you are. the only person i've ever met that had something I would consider a "high" forehead was a basketball player named serge zwicker at UNC who was 7'2" and had every body proportion stretched to the extreme.

  6. I dunno what the hell people are thinking sometimes, especially men. I'd you say you look something like my wife, and that's certainly meant to be a compliment. And the high forehead thing? That's just plain stupid. You ever seen a short one? I'd rather be an ape than have a short forehead.

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