scratching the itchy spot

so I have this place right above my belly button that seems to itch for no particular reason on a frequent basis– there’s nothing there, just a set of nerves, I suspect, that get to feeling lonely.

lately george and I have discovered the supreme pleasure of my scratching him under the jaw– he’ll just stand there with this dreamy, droolly, utterly ecstatic look on his face while I scratch his chin. it’s very adorable.

I really love my pets. when people come over to my apartment, the critters get all excited– they’re like, ooh, look! fresh people to love us! and they can tend to mob the visitor– charlie walking all over the person’s lap, determined to sit right in the middle of things, digging in his claws for sheer cat pleasure, george doing away with personal space, getting right up close and panting his fetid george breath in absolute dog happiness right into the visitor’s face.

and there’s a difficult balance, a bit– I want to, you know, be responsible for managing my pets so that my guests don’t feel too terribly hounded (oh lord, so to speak)– at the same time people who are going to be in my life need to be given space to find their own ways of dealing with my animals.

sometimes it’s hard to resist scratching.

3 Replies to “scratching the itchy spot”

  1. Do you happen to have your itchy spells after wearing jeans? The reason I ask is because I am allergic to the metal in the grommets they use for buttons. Its fairly easy to fix, just paint the metal with clear nail polish.

  2. hmm, I'll have to pay closer attention next time– it's a fair point that nickel tends to make me break out in a rash… I'm thinking, just off the cuff, that this isn't what's going on, but it could indeed be. thanks for the suggestion, lovely lady. :)

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