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  1. hey, thanks. hm, it's not moving me as much as I had hoped, actually. thing is, I adore m ward and also zooey deschanel as an actress and that wonderful moment where she's singing in the shower in elf– her voice is so beautiful– but something here is.. just not doing it. but maybe I'm being hasty.

  2. Yours is a common refrain among the album's reviews on Amazon et al, one reviewer going as far as to lament the group should really be called just "She."Other reviewers love it. I think one's feelings for the album might largely depend on the extent of one's affections for M. Ward, plus one's ability just to take it for what it is, a bit of a lark dreamed up by Zooey and M(att).

  3. yeah… I'm guessing the crowds are more about the celebrity factor than any great appeal of the music, but hers is a nice theory. they do make a pretty, and sweet, pairing.

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