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  1. I'm a total goon. right after I'd taken the second one, someone walked up behind me at work, and I felt like a complete dork. :-D but the webcam workday diary makes me happy– I tend to hate so many pictures of me, and my internal self-image seems so off-kilter from the reality, this becomes sort of like my means of keeping tabs on, heck, what I look like– though, too, it's awfully self-aware and manipulated in the sense that I delete the ones I don't like. it's kind of like how when I used to do studio art, I'd make a lot of self-portraits– totally NOT being in love with myself– more something about reconciling the inner and the outer.

  2. I would relish a visit to Katsu. I haven't been since my birthday and I feel just awful about it. Katsu and Haruku may not remember me anymore!

  3. Manipulated? Maybe… but I'm conscious of the fact that you are using the visual medium not just to record your mood or attitude to something, but to portray it to other people, and to provide a cue for yourself for remembering it later. That necessarily contains some amount of construction.
    I like the idea of "reconciling the inner with the outer". My self-portraits have often been for similar purposes.
    Awwwww, I wanna go to Katsu tooooooo!!!

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