8 Replies to “while out walking the george…”

  1. oh, reesie– poor doggy… that sucks. I don't know why the birds don't
    bother me so much, where other animals really do. maybe because birds
    are so fragile that I've seen so many of them. it's probably not right,
    I'm sure– it also seems like some sort of literal emblem to me, that
    flying, fleeting thing so utterly stilled.

  2. That is sad about the poor doggy. I have been wondering why birds are fascinating to me in death while others just make me sad. I think you might be on to something.

  3. Birds seem to have some kind of grace, even in death.Well… I've also never really had a bird and become attached to it. Anything with fur is pretty much cute and cuddle to me…

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