small side of ketchup

I promised I wouldn't stop blogging, and I won't, but it's true there's been a bit of a lull in words herein. I've experienced this phenomenon historically with regard to the words on the page during periods of bliss– happiness, typically, hath no momentum in terms of reflective art or what-have-you. on the other hand, I'm feeling more inspired than I have in ages– in truth, I was caught up on a bit of a psychic treadmill for awhile there, so this shift, though rather quiet in voxland, is utterly and hugely welcome in satheadland.

yesterday it was 71 degrees and breezy in chicago. after work I zipped home (or, well, as much as clogged traffic would allow– more and more I'm seeing the many benefits of having a functional bicycle…), picked up mister george, and zoomed over to the nearby park to meet my lovely friend erica for a walk in the sunshine– out among all the happy, springy people– the families, the single people and couples walking dogs, the little boy who fearlessly gave george a big ole bearhug just like I do (george was very disappointed when boy and his hugs wandered off again)– playing conversational catch-up with a delightful friend who, bravo for her, has landed a professor gig in florida right out of the gate and exits chicago mid-summer, so I'm getting my friend time in good now, doncha know. then back to her place for chinese food and fantastic dumb teevee and coming up with tattoo ideas and fending off the george's repeated requests to climb up on the couch with the rest of the potatoes.

(tattoo ideas from last night include: the design/shape my hairclips made when I clumped them all together, I know it sounds dumb, but it's a cool shape, honest; a fortune cookie with just a glimpse of the language on the fortune showing, but which words, hmm?…; and a cowbell on my calf, harhar– I'll have to post more at some point about the Great Tattoo Dilemma I wrestle with– I've wanted one for several years but have difficulty settling on a sufficiently resonant or emblematic image– is it any wonder, really, that I have a hard time, being me, committing to one thing or another? ha, and no. but maybe with this new Conceptual Tattoo Image approach, perhaps I've found something I could live with because it wouldn't claim to be super-significant or anything, just kind of diverting and fun. okay, maybe I'm done writing about tattoos now and don't actually need an entire post on the topic. but we'll see. this one comes and goes.)

so today is apparently a day for extended parenthetical remarks. some days it's just like that.

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2 Replies to “small side of ketchup”

  1. I would never be able to get a tattoo because A) I hate needles and pain and B) because I would NEVER be able to settle on a specific design that I would be able to live with forever and ever. I like to change things up.

  2. i have the same problem with tattoos. I keep thinking that i want one but i never get one because i can't figure out what to get. i think that a tattoo should mean something and i can't figure out what symbols would matter.
    big surprise.
    oh and since i have no real attention span anything i do like i get bored with after a while. i would hate it if i tattooed myself and then decided i didn't like it anymore. i used to be this way with boyfriends too.

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