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  1. heh. yeah, we've been forging a tentative truce over the last several hours. was rather traumatic for all parties involved.the good new is: most of the worst mats are gone– and they taught me how to comb him down in lines, rather than brushing, as a means to get a better handle on the mat formation over time. but that there's some crazy sticky hair, for serious real.

  2. I know how it goes. I am the mother of a 12 pound Orange Fur-Beast myself. Well, estranged mother… he stayed with the ex. The only thing that keeps him from becoming a huge bundle of dreadlocks is the fact that he looooves the brushings and he gets shaved every summer for heat regulation.

  3. We have one cat that loves the feeling of shaved fur – but only barely tolerates the process. The other cat got a lion cut only once – and she mangled me, the groomer and the assistant.

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