I have found it

the saddest page on the internet.

also that I am unable to be adequately sad in the presence of others, and after awhile it begins to hurt. what is this? odd.

tonight I scrubbed my kitchen floor. I mean scrubbed. except I don't mean scrubbed, quite. but almost.

thing is it's made of vinyl composition tile (not abestos, you'll be glad to know), which is a bitch if you don't wax it. I learned about the care and feeding of vinyl composition tile floors in my house in iowa, when I put one in. and about what happens when you neglect it. you have to strip it and wax it again. though this one seems simply to need a serious waxing. plus it practically has acne. basically, my kitchen floor sucks, apart from its not being asbestos, of course.

also my toilet is tippy.

these are my problems in the first world. these are my problems after having been a, granted, irresponsible, homeowner, to have a landlord who can't really be bothered. to live in a bit of a slummy building in a somewhat uptight neighborhood– and still not really be able to afford it.

and things are good.

explain it to me, g'won.

oh, don't bother.

p.s. I miss paul. a month of silence is too much. cruel silent blog of navarone.

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