I miss this place

for quite awhile there I was a happy little digital poacher– siphoning wireless access off my neighbors without paying a dime– kind of lame, I know, but I saw myself as a mostly benign parasite. and then a couple weeks back, quite suddenly, both of the connections I'd been so blithely and habitually using simply vanished– and there I was, cast adrift, disconnected from my wee online world, from vox, from my mornings and middles of the night lying in bed tip-tap-typing away random noodlings into this space. kaput. well, truth is, now I AM actually managing to sit my distractable self down at the art-play table and make some stuff, some little boxes and whatnot. but I miss this here. I miss you all. I miss feeling connected.


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5 Replies to “I miss this place”

  1. My only access is a very rural dial-up, meaning tree branches and squirrels chewing merrily degrade my speed even more than your regular dial-up.It's hideous with web 2.0 when there's NO opening photos or streaming anything. The nearest wifi is 30 miles away! I feel your pain. :(

  2. aw, dude, so sorry about yer internet disappearance. the same thing happened to slp and i a few months back–that wonderful, 'free' internet we'd been piggybacking on for a couple years just went and moved away one day, without so much as a farewell note. ;) we finally gave up the cash for our own, and it's grand to be online with ease, but we miss the freewheeling days of yore.

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