in the quiet dark

…everything slows down enough. life and heart are like that cup running over, and I have been missing time to reflect and mull. living space continues to be in flux through the end of july, the conjunction of collectors presenting challenges and dilemmas and little bits of wrassling will (“but it’s a perfectly good dresser! and it’s storage. oh wait, now the front door won’t open…”). there have been summer evening strolls by the lake and sand between the toesies, weddings with bagpipes and drums, concert picnics under the stars. there have been burgers at the billy goat and parking under bridges and pelmeni from the skokie market with vinegar and butter and icy sweating gin and tonics and sweet surprises of all kinds. there has been a plague of small but preoccupying health issues and the day-in-day-out of work routine. there have been visits with family and car trips and the thrill of planning actual proper roadtrip vacation. there is booking trucks and burly men. there are secrets and blessings and whispers. there are will-o-the-wisps of temper and mood and aggravation. there is hunting for parking and fireflies in the dusk and swarms of beetles winging six inches over the grass, illuminated by swooping headlights. it is a rich, good life. and the only thing I’m really missing is a coffee date with a girlfriend to just, yknow, blab.

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