yellow dawn

the colors at sunset and sunrise have been startling and super-saturated– last night it was golden-orange against the building opposite for a good while, instensifying bit by bit into darkness– this morning I awoke from busy dreams desperate to pee, and when I returned to bed, the color of framed window light arrested me– a deep butter yellow, and all the branches and leaves still, as if in attendance on something holy. I lay there watching the color shift to a lighter, greyish early morning cast, and the trees began to sway and shiver with moving air, a breeze that smelled of autumn and moist growing things– and then I had to sneeze and go blow my nose.

4 Replies to “yellow dawn”

  1. It's allergy season in my sinus region. Um – I was not intending to rhyme but perhaps this is a sign I should write jingles for Benadryl. Or not.

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