we worked really hard on our living space this weekend– lots of trips up and down the three flights of stairs (both with the burning legs to prove it), enormous amounts of things gone through and either organized or removed bodily from the premises– still far from "done" but worlds better– space to live and breathe in, walls taking shape, greater efficiencies and arrangements to delight the eye. the process was not without its snags and emotional pitfalls, as we worked to loosen our respective grips on effluvia from past lives– lots of head-butting and occasional stomping on toes (for the most part mine on his)– but this, too, I believe, is a significant part of the catharsis: learning to occupy the process together, to ride those swells and plunges with a minimum of choking. in the course of things we are reminded, time and again, in practice, that we both see and hear one another, a gift which I've never experienced so dynamically and honestly with another human being. when you've got two strong-willed and creative folks living in close proximity, there's bound to be some weather generated– but for the most part the sun shines and things are growing. and cocktail/dinner parties are in the works! yeehaw. 

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