things I hate:
my end-of-day commute
hunting for parking
so-called friends who are not
squishy, flavorless american “gummy bears”
narcissists, users, and the self-righteously prideful
relentless political campaigning
irregardless unsensible languagistic usage
anyone meddling with my teeth
being the only person at work in a halloween costume
teutonic network admins
nostalgic regret

things I love:
haribo gold bears (aka the original gummi baren)
birds, especially ones that talk or cause mischief
clanky radiators
strong coffee
that man who makes me laugh & swoon
tights + boots
vintage raincoats
my art table
happenstance adventuring
kneading bread dough
tinkering & pottering
my niece’s cow saying “mow mow”


4 Replies to “today”

  1. Meddling with teeth? Did you have to see the dentist? I love being able to control our heat but I also very much miss the clank of the radiator first thing in the morning.

  2. eeny meeny miney mo!! dood, you totally belong on the list of things (er, people) I love! hi! no, the teeth thing was just random– kind of putting the other things in perspective. man, I dig that cat obama, but I really wish his folk would quit flooding my inbox and calling my cell phone. enough already. I'm on board.

  3. Oh, I'm glad the teeth thing is random. I worried. No one is calling me to ask about Obama. I want them to call so I can tell them I like him!

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