melancholia and other malarkey

the other day I wrote this line: “I grow older and older without knowing a single thing more.” it’s just that kind of winter, I guess, dragging on, you know. I was lying there, doing my due diligence to fall asleep, and then some strings of words wedged themselves in my consciousness– so I got up to throw out the net– sometimes tasty bits wash up– but this time the haul sparse and spiny. for one thing I fear I’ve developed an addiction to nyquil cough syrup, or maybe I just shouldn’t have had that cup of earl grey nigh on midnight. or fallen into bed at eight. all cockeyed. speaking of, my right tear duct squirts every time I blow my nose. in any case. the bare space here embarrasses, so I’m stuffing it with wadded tissues and dead fish.


“the clock reads three sticks, and I long for small things to hold. it’s a wednesday that feels like a wednesday made of bisque– daylight salt-dusted and wind blown over frozen waves. I perched on the curl and peered for something suspended, witnessed only grit gone opaque in lake teeth set descending. I grow older and older without knowing a single thing more, am grown so brittle– though somewhere swims flashing scales, pooling eyes, if I could just thaw to it– somewhere grow dark ropey arms that sway to a warmer current and reach greenly for great swallows of sunlight.”

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  1. That is frankly rather beautiful. You closed your eyes and let words engulf you, checking in all grammar and sense at the door. But despite that, language took care of you. You gave in to the words, to blind creativity and came out with a wonderful tapestry.

  2. thank you thank you thank you– all thuh-ree lovely ladies indeed. (and btw, ef, I read your post last night and so hear you– emotions and people are by definition mixed and complex– it's what defines us as human beings, I think… oh dear– I should be writing this in your comments not mine. sometimes the intertextuality of this medium is just a bugger to negotiate. ;)and aubrey, from one who habitually crafts such beauty, your compliment is most warmly appreciated.and lommy, weasel-girl, I am always always sending you my love.)hah. bah. so there. xo.

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