sometimes a stray comment will lodge in your head, stick there, grow nodules and loopy tendrils, wrap several times around your spinal column, and shoot out the window, through the attic and into space.

the other day someone at work made a comment about “my second-favorite C-word”, alluding obliquely to one of those words we don’t utter in polite company. I wasn’t even involved in the conversation or paying strict attention, but the next morning while driving to work, I found myself listing good words that begin with C– good for various reasons ranging from subjective personal association to outright yumminess, the conglomeration of which ends up saying something or other about the one who compiles them. and with that…

compilation corduroy cupcake charcoal christmas crescent candyland crushes connecticut civility cabernet cyclone chimney children cranky clocks carnival cushions canine calliope columnar chocolate castanets car criminey chinchilla chuckling cousins cranberry confidence cinnamon crickets cookie caldera crepuscular certitude curvilinear candor calypso curtains cockeyed community couch corridor comforter calling card california crucible contagious crockery crass celery caustic cornichon celebratory crest colloidal curl crimson coastline

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  1. some of which would be very short posts indeed– in fact I could probably knock 'em out right here–xylophone xenophobia x-ray xavierquietude quick quark quest quibble quilted quarry queer quinceuvula undergarment ultimate umbrella upward unsavory upon ursulayuletide yemen yardstick yodel yippee yes yeasty yurt yogurt yesterday yore youth youngblood yap yen (the challenge here is of course trying to make the lists without a dictionary)

  2. "Colloidal" is by far my favorite of those, for how it feels on the tongue and for the wonderful idea of tiny things (like silver and oatmeal!) hanging temporarily in some medium.

  3. This is timely for me, having been referred to in anger as one of the less friendly c-words last week by someone I care about. So, hooray for the good ones! As a side note, the word that was used against is actually my favorite word when it is used with its original meaning, and not as a weapon. Strange how context changes everything.

  4. :) thanks for noticing that. I love odd word collisions. cabernet cyclone. cranky clocks. cranberry confidence. crepuscular certitude. curvilinear candor. california crucible. contagious crockery. crass celery. caustic cornichon.

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