this one’s for the friends

…voxish and otherwise– just a big hello, really– yodelling out confirmation that I’m still here, bumbling along in my navelly way. there are these times when I go to ground– which is unfortunate as the tissues that connect us are altogether too diaphanous as it is. I have a bad habit of being an unreliable correspondent and regret the foundering of friendships as a consequence.

what gives on this end these days? ah, spring– now summer, I suppose, though it’s been far too chilly in chicago to really back up that claim. things I ought to be posting about, perhaps am in some alternate universe: our recent  weekend visit to the far north woods, new (to me) amazing book club!, looking around at apartments, considering possibilities for change.

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  1. Well, it sounds as if you had abundantly interesting reasons to stay away from Vox.
    Did you take any photos of the woods? I've heard of woods, and north woods, but far north woods? I am full of curiosity.

  2. The far north woods definitely sounds like the place for a psychologically dark novel. Good to read you! I've been a bit scant myself… but these things are cyclical, methinks.

  3. That's the beauty of being here. You write, we read. you don't write, after a while we write you asking if everything is going ok. See, it all works out. LOL

  4. Hi! Good to "see" you again.

    considering possibilities for change.
    That sounds interesting! Do tell (when the time is right, of course).
    Do you ever hang out with Een anymore? I miss her.

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