requesting suggestions for sanity please!!!!

what do you do when you’re feeling incredibly frustrated and irritable in the middle of your working day?

ordinarily, if I were at home, I’d go walk it off– but here I have to keep sitting at my stoopid desk surrounded by all the same stoopid stuff that’s tweaking me out.


p.s. you know it’s bad when you add an agenda item to your google calendar that reads “filled with murderous rage”. hell, it could be hormonally compounded for all I know– but I totally just don’t want to be here today.

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  1. I meditate. I usually repeat the phrase "om mani padme hum" over and over. Here is some info about the phrase – what it means, how to pronounce it, etc. I finally got myself a mala band with 108 beads so I can count them off. Usually I am pretty good by 40. If you don't have a mala, you can always count it off on your fingers. You can even do it with your eyes open, so it looks like you're working. So sorry to hear about the work shizz. Hope it gets better!

  2. thanks so much– that's great advice, and I'm going to try to adapt some form of it for myself in case of at-work meltdowns… this also gave me an excuse to go read you for awhile and look at your lovely photos, which was a refreshing mini-vacation– so thank you for that as well. once I'm in a brighter frame of mind, I intend to reinvest myself a bit more vox-commenting-wise… xo.

  3. I check my calendar – when something like this happens, it usually means it's PMS time.
    I don't let the annoyances circle around me in a type of flurry – I pin them down; I find out exactly what they are.
    Internal sarcasm. Never say it out loud, because you know you'll have to apologize later, making you even more edgy and irritable.

  4. yeah. y'know, I always sorta thought an entire week before seemed somewhat suspect, but I guess it's pretty textbook, after all (from wikipedia)–Although there is no universal agreement about what qualifies as PMS, two definitions are commonly used in research programs:The National Institute of Mental Health research compares the
    intensity of symptoms from cycle days 5 to 10 to the six-day interval
    before the onset of menses.[2]
    To qualify as PMS, symptom intensity must increase at least 30% in the
    six days before menstruation. Additionally, this pattern must be
    documented for at least two consecutive cycles.The definition formulated at the University of California at San Diego requires both affective (emotional) and somatic
    (physical) symptoms during the five days before menses in each of three
    consecutive cycles, and must not be present during the pre-ovulatory
    part of the cycle (days 4 through 13).[2]
    For this definition, affective symptoms include symptoms like
    depression, angry outbursts, irritability, anxiety, confusion, and
    social withdrawal. Somatic symptoms include symptoms like breast
    tenderness, abdominal bloating, headache, and swelling of hands and
    feet.thus the murderous rage. Q.E.D.feeling better now, incidentally. woo fun. even at 42 it's still exciting and inexplicably surprising.

  5. Is there really no way you can step out for a walk now and again? I figure if someone is going to stew at their desk for the next half hour anyway, they might as well just say "Look, honestly, I'm on the verge of murdering someone, so I'm going to take a walk. Be back in half an hour." I know at least I would understand if someone else said that.Even at my last job, which was much more structured, I often left the office to take walks, even just if my mind was beginning to wander. (I had a supervisor once who would join me on a pretty regular basis!) I figured if they were going to suck the soul out of me, they owed me the opportunity to take a walk now and then.

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