got myself good with hothot cooking oil splashed from the pan last night (dumb dumb dumb)– lucky to have a fella around who's good in unpleasant medical situations (and who can also finish the cooking– seared pork chops with a mushroom, onion, pear, white wine, and membrillo (quince) tequila deglaze– delicious)– but, vain girl that I am, I reeeally wanted to call in ugly to work this morning. wah.


maybe I can consider it a type of urban primitives scarification thing. in any case, am definitely planning to work it into the halloween costume someways– good thing our costume plan allows for it!

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  1. Holy Cats!Last year I was cooking some chicken livers and I bent down to get the splatter screen out of the cabinet when the chicken liver exploded. I felt the grease hit my face and heard it sizzle. It hit just below my eye – the size of a dime. I was freaking out because of the proximity to my eyeball…Luckily I remembered having a tube of burn cream (Silver sulfadiazine) in the first aid kit and I swear that stuff was magic in healing the burn.My husband kept saying that it was hardly noticeable, but later he admitted he was only saying that so I wouldn't flip out more than I already was…I knew he was lying.

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