Your day should not feel like wasted time—rather it should serve as a discovered doorway to a walled garden of wonders: sexuality, intensity and relief, remembered fragrances from childhood, Jean Naté and 4711, an entire multiply-desirable world cohering in specificities like single-celled organisms and budding tree branches, late afternoon wind, stars invisible in daylight.

Be uncomfortable though a cold room impedes response— issue invitations to your several fears and warm to their subjects.

Listen to the pair of nesting doves outside the bedroom window, who oboe in the equinox.

Pay attention to tiny fissures, which have a tendency to creep, but face the very beast wherever you detect it lurking, say, in the curtains or the shape of habitual expressions.

Lubricate generously with olive oil and sweet nothings. Grasp implements with firm confidence.

Gaze into every face you pass, and when you look inward, be aware of the variety of lenses and attitudes you maintain.

Time being relative until it ends, rules make up the girders that rot out in an evolving structure.

Beware of poppycock.

Wear loose-fitting trousers, and limber up conscientiously as you imagine the dance.

Learn to perform several strokes and how to pivot underwater.

Write things down as often as you have occasion. Read with good appetite.

Cultivate preferences with gracious extravagance. Shoulder onward. Listen.

Fog will lie in valleys and sunlight move the wind. Seasons will be both purposeful and tedious, life challenging unless you do it very quietly. Fields fare better for having grown weeds.

You can be too careful; you can be awfully foolish. Apologies are no more important than forgiveness. Love with kindness the hearts you’ll shatter, your own included.

Acknowledge truth when you encounter it. Be willing to question even things you suppose you know. Act courageously or not at all–and then find something to act courageously about.

Déjà vu may simply be a waggle of the kaleidoscope crystals, or its opposite, dreams the pieces that shake out in the shape of moving pictures.

Consider the art that history has made of insomnia. Allow yourself naps.

Although we’re engineered to find small things endearing, the common tendency is toward carelessness and spite. Loving attention to the ingenuity of patterns can be a lifelong consolation.

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