The Nields

I {heart} Nerissa and Katryna Nields.

Been a longtime fan of their music and somehow, in the odd connectedness of Facebook, I wound up, utterly charmed, reading Katryna’s daily doings with gutters and kids and whatnot posted to “friends” for a little while there (I think she’s reined it back a bit in that forum, or closed down who gets to read her patter, fair enough).

Not long ago the Northampton, MA-based duo visited Chicago for a kids’ show literally a 15 minute walk from my apartment at Old Town School of Folk– and I was gonna go, I really was. Had it emblazoned with smileyfaces and stars and exclamation points on the calendar. And I don’t know what happened. Blame it on the lurking agoraphobia I’m prone to, but somehow I just ended up staying home that Sunday morning– and I missed it. Just kills me. I missed it, and they don’t get back this way to play very often. Blah and blah and blah.

Anyway– color me all the happier to discover the sisters’ collaborative blog:

Singing in the Kitchen

So, so good.

And here’s a nice, thoughtfully reflective interview with Nerissa in our local rag:

Individuality and the Art of Endurance: An Interview with Nerissa Nields

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