sushi damage

I’m running through an attic where rain comes through in patches. I come to a room where college-age students are working on experiments involving scientific devices.

I’m in a restaurant with low tables and step over one and inadvertently damage the sushi of two women sitting there. I stop and apologize and offer to buy them new sushi. They are very haughty about it and proceed to enumerate every single dish they have ordered, not merely the sushi I’ve knocked over. I debate with them and eventually get angry and tell them I’m not going to pay for anything at all and stomp off. I stop by the front office and explain what has happened. Unfortunately, they’ve already heard about it from the two women, who’ve cast me in a bad light.

I’m sitting in an open room that feels like a hospital waiting room, but it is filled with desks and people training to become doctors. An established doctor comes into the room and is asking questions, and different people are taking turns answering them. I speak up with a piece of information, citing that I work for the American College of Surgeons, but the doctor dismisses me and moves on.

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