We’re flying through the air, and I look out the window into the darkness and can just make out the ghostly outlines of tall buildings through the gloom of night and fog. I realize we’re descending sooner than I’d expected and turn away to prepare myself for landing. There’s a sudden lurch and then the feeling of accelerating descent. We’re touching down, far more gently than I’d feared but not at any landing site, in the middle of a city roadway. The big balloon comes down in flaming shreds several yards away. The cabin we’ve been riding in is unharmed, but we hurry out and away in case it’s pulled or catches fire.

We dash down an alley and around corners. I’m close on the heels of a young girl. We go into a cafe where everyone orders something to eat or drink. When I get to the head of the line, I can’t think what I want.

We return to the office to find festoons of gifts around the place. We get to the elevator and find a giant-size envelope taped to the doors with several names on it with little checkboxes beside each. My companion and I check off our names and look inside. There are gifts from our boss inside. For me there are three audio books, the first of which is The Artist’s Way.

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