fyi– challenges!

the things I cannot state publicly– we’re also cheap, hypercritical, idiosyncratic, prone to severe attention deficit, overreactive, narcissistic, and… oh, what else? cheap. did I mention cheap? and also occasionally crazily extravagant.

2 Replies to “fyi– challenges!”

  1. well, I guess it depends how you slice it– to one way of thinking it's simply smart, absolutely– sometimes in the work context it's just frustrating for me to find myself in a situation where my employers want caviar and are willing to pay farm fresh prices. I'm waspy, tho, so negotiating is a challenge for me– and probably a good stretch. when it comes to the company web site and projects of that kind, however, I find myself caught between a bit of a rock and a hard place trying to get them all the bells & whistles they want but for a rock bottom dollar. annoying. (enough metaphors for you? ;) oh, I'm so good at mixin' 'em up.)

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