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tomorrow (well, today, officially) I will cook the turkey I received from work for last thanksgiving. it’s been sitting in my freezer, taking up a whole bunch of space, and earlier today (well, yesterday— dang, insomnia makes things confusing) I decided the time had come to put old tom in the oven, so now he’s thawing. I’m only one rather small person, so I’m feeling a bit like shel silverstein’s melinda mae… actually, that goes for a lot of things right now.

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  1. I think the Turkey Leg vs Mona Leg match ended with the frozen turkey leg winning…my knees are very delicate….my ankles are tiny.I was thinking that one leg alone would make a nice batch of turkey salad.I was going to try my chicken cooking method on it and see if it works the same for any bird. Very simple way to make chicken fall off the bone.Big Pot with lidWhole Chicken or QuarteredFavorite herbs and spicesWash chicken as you would and herb and spice it up.Put in pot. Put lid on pot. Turn on heat to about medium. Go do something for about 20 minutes then come back and turn chicken. Put lid back on pot. Go back to what you were doing for another 20 minutes or so. Come back and turn chicken once more. Put lid back on pot.If meat is falling off the bones, your chicken is done.This method sort of steams the bird in it's own juices – DO NOT ADD ANY OTHER LIQUID TO THE POT while cooking.You will end up with a nice pot liquor and the skin will totally fall off the meat, if cooked as directed. Scoop all the skin bits out and you can make a gravy.Speaking of one turkey being too big for small families of one or two…Did you know that your butcher (or that guy standing behind the meat counter) can put a turkey on the saw table and cut it right down the middle in half? You can cook half a turkey now and half a turkey later.

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