people. I seriously don’t get how they think sometimes. it just amazes me. like this most recent nugget:

so, in a fit of annoyance over not knowing how to expand my social network to include male friends and also friends who like to get out and do things like go on photo excursions in abandoned buildings (where, to be frank, it is somewhat comforting to have a male presence), I posted an ad in the the “strictly platonic” section of craigslist last night describing said desire, plain and simple. and, simply because craigslist provides a space for you to include your age, I figured, fair enough, and included my age. no big deal.

now, I can see from scanning other ads that some people do in fact use this “strictly platonic” area to make inquiries that are, if you read not too terribly deeply between the lines, little more than hedged searches for romantic partners. so, okay. that’s out there, even though I wasn’t doing it. seriously.

so anyway, this one guy writes back to me, nothing else first, just launches in with the following: “41… Thats old as hell, but yea. Im always on foto excursions. Lets get on it!”

[channeling arlo guthrie a la alice’s restaurant massacree– take that for old, ya pip]

I mean. I mean. I meeeeeaaaannnn, come ON, buddy– how can that seem at all okay?

just, jesus.

sometimes I think to myself, man, sarah, you’re so silly to get bent out of shape about age– you know how relative and meaningless it is. but then something like this comes along and sucker-punches the wind right out of me– and I have to wonder just what the hell is wrong with people? I mean (I meeeean), why even bother replying? why, um, hel-lo, say yes??

totally weird.


| delete |

(oh, and just so you don’t think I’m all bile and hate, some of the responses have been very pleasant indeed, some of the correspondence even downright delightful– so, yeah, it’s a mixed bag and all. I just had to put my sense of righteous outrage at people’s stupidity and rudeness someplace. thankyouandgoodnight. no turkey for someone, that‘s for sure.)

14 Replies to “jeeeeeeeezus”

  1. That pisses me off. It just does No, it's not old as hell. Did you reply with a big fuck off? I hate how women 40 and over are viewed. It's like the whole Cougar thing. If a woman dates younger men, she's a desperate cougar. Men? They can do what they want and people applaud them. I really loathe the arrogance and narrowness of youth. In my grad program, I get so damned sick of hearing people in their 20s talk about how "old people" (40s and up) don't understand how to use Internet technology and how it's really hard to relate to them. Um, not necessarily. Some of us are actually more technically adept and just as excited about adopting whatever is next. Yes, I am bitter. When it comes to this stuff, being in your 40s blows. I am sorry if over-ranted here.

  2. no, I'm totally with you. it's A) a totally narrow view of age, and B) incredibly misogynistic. pisses me off, too. at first I deleted it, not wanting to stoop– but then I dug it back out of the trash and emailed back "eh? whassat you say, sonny? can't hear you because I'M OLD AS HELL." probably does no good whatsoever, but made me feel better. I just feel people should be told that's not okay.

  3. Hahaha. Inspired by your recent comment about CL, I posted an ad in the personals section… In the spirit of "let's open the door WIDE and see who walks through." I've gotten the usual nutjobs (this deserves its own post), but my favorite is the 22-yr-old boy with and "old soul." Sheesh.

  4. I was just looking at platonic, too, and some freak came back with something around the same language as yours but it wasn't only about "old" but strictly for a one-night stand.I asked had he read the post (being platonic) and he came back with something like "You'll never get a man, you're so banged up."It was like…Still, dumbarse, I'm not looking for a man…this is a platonic area. Fuuuuuck.

  5. I meeeaaannnn….. what a knob. I wish you luck. I love wandering around with a camera. You'll find someone, don't let a cluck like that scare you off.And then you can take lots of pictures. But no littering."8 by 10 color glossies with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one… "

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