sundayitis ate my brain

sometimes I want to have something coherent and profound to say but just don’t.

not that that stops me from opening my big gob a good portion of the time regardless. ;)

lately this blog seems to be doing a lot of skating along the surface of things– mostly pictures and media posts and not a lot of commentary. i should perhaps count this as a boon, as I well know how durned bogged down in words I can get. just that I find it odd, kind of unnatural, like some sort of holding pattern. well, maybe there’s a change afoot. isn’t there always a change afoot? a foot achange? step-ball-change.

one change is that I’m trying to have less insomnia, because it is insalutary. except here I am, hello, awake. I blame navarone time. well, not really. I blame the cat and also the profound and irresistible appeal of the internet. and also the dog who seems to have figured out how to snow me into thinking he reeeeaaally needs to go out, even at 3 a.m. when apparently he doesn’t all that badly.

sometimes it seems my life is one long series of distractions that don’t really amount to much. uh huh. like I said, sundayitis.

3 Replies to “sundayitis ate my brain”

  1. Insomnia is an evil evil thing. I would never wish it on anyone! I'm so sorry that you're having a bit of it now, but yes the internet is awfully tempting, especially when you can't sleep!

  2. Lord! I know exactly what you're talking about. Lately, all I do is post about what I've been doing lately. I have no thoughts that I can put into words. Distraction is so hitting the nail on the head!

  3. the thing is I think, well, I know that I could sleep more than I do– only I get online and muck around making idiotic google searches and random posts, and before I know it a zillion hours have passed. in other words, I'm compounding my own sleeplessness. but apparently I'm not yet sufficiently motivated to quit doing it. it is an addiction. seemingly absurd and pointless, but meaningful somehow to me– and I find myself unable to let go of this little space I have in the small hours of the night, away from all the other concerns of daily life. it's like an island I visit, and in part I desperately don't want to give it up.

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