meaningless distractions: case in point #45872q20957

so I decided I wanted to photoshop up a spiffy little “Embassador of Vox” sash for karen, just, yknow, because it’s so her (and, uh, yeah, this is the sort of thing I do at 3 a.m.).

so I did a little google image search for a sash image I could manipulate…

and ended up just getting all waylaid– because sashes are some freaky &$^*(%#@, man…

and now I do have to go to sleep before my brain implodes. so no sash for karen– but really? honestly? it’s for the best. 

7 Replies to “meaningless distractions: case in point #45872q20957”

  1. Miss Klingon Empire 2005… WHOA….. YOU MUST GO ENTER THIS COMPETITION AND WIN THIS SASH IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!! We will ALL come to support you! Ok, maybe just me. I still want you to go enter and win it….. Pretty please??

  2. Well, you are by no means Klingon-ish, which means completely major overhaul. I just want you to win the sash so you can wear it ALL THE TIME, which is what you must do if you win it.

  3. The only way to get over this fear is to wear one 24/7, even while showering! I'll install secret cameras in your home to make sure you are wearing it all the time.

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