whew! non-drowsy indeed

good golly.

I discovered the merits of robitussin DM during a bout of bronchitis in boarding school. this was eons ago. the stuff was magical– it calmed the coughing, and when I did cough, it actually got the crap up out of my lungs.

more recently I’d heard mention, somewhere, anecdotally, of how robitussin DM had moved behind the pharmacy counter due to some hallucinagenic effects. well, apparently this rumor was untrue– because, when I had the flu recently and was coughing up a lung with a spooky squeak to it, I was thrilled to see my old friend on the regular pharmacy shelf– and even better DM in the generic store brand. awesome. cuz I’m cheap that way.

only– what’s this? “non-drowsy formula” on the label? well, okay. not the way I remembered the stuff, but that couldn’t be such a bad thing, could it?

it could be malarkey, is what it could be. home from work at 6:30, coughing, squeaking, take a dose of the old standby cough syrup and lie down to rest my eyes just for a bit– and, oops, hello, midnight.

I’m thinking walgreens has a definition of “non-drowsy” I’m unfamiliar with.

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  1. LOL! It sounds like you really needed the sleep though. I can never go by their labels because when they say drowsy formula, it makes me stay awake and when they say non-drowsy, sometimes it works just the opposite. I think a lot of the formula's have changed just so they can sell it in the regualr pharmacy. I know Nyquil is one of them that isn't anywhere near the same as it used to be. What is Nyquil without the alcohol, man!

  2. Wow, I could have used some "non-drowsy" Walgreens drugs last night!! I was up hacking my lungs out for half the night. Doesn't my body know that getting better is harder when it's not sleeping enough??? Jeez…..I'd hate to see what Walgreens calls their "nighttime" medication…. Do you never wake up?

  3. I honestly believe that everyone one I know has had the flu. EVERYONE. Have all of our sinuses been cursed?
    For me, it's my trusty Vicks inhaler – a little bit of heaven up your nose.

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