hooray for friday!

it’s been a heckuva week. I feel like I need to sleep for about a day– but there’s funstuff planned, which also makes me very happy. just get me through today, please– fridays at my place of work can on occasion be racheted-up anxiety fests. I’m keeping my expectations low: somewhat peace and getting a bit of work taken care of. wish me luck. and then weekend.

incidentally, there’s this funny thing about friday night– it always seems like there should be extra hours in it because, yknow, it’s the weekend— but then you get to it and find that it’s pretty much just like any other evening of the week– the sun goes down at about the same time, etcetera. it’s a bit of a mindjam.

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  1. I think saturday mornings might actually be my favorite part– friday anticipation is, it's true, tasty, but I can also get into a twist about how fun friday night "should" be. I know this may sound very silly, but friday nights have historically tweaked my head. saturday mornings simply are. free of expectation, for the most part, a delightful period of just being and doing without obligation while the superego naps.

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