it is sometimes difficult for me to gauge just how explicit I care to be about life facts in this place, particularly where new relationships are concerned– and also the question arises: to what end? this morning I have decided to share a little window into my heart– in part because this heart is so full and calm and happy– and in part also to say believe. do not ever stop believing, whatever happens. this world has such treasures in store. sometimes it takes a long time. sometimes it takes until you are 41 years old and hope trickling away in ill matches and near misses and out-and-out ridiculousness and foolishness to arrive suddenly at the place you've been heading toward forever, your entire life so far, to begin again, to be knocked flat on your happy ass by a gorgeously perfect partner– one who sees you, truly, one who treasures you and enjoys your company, who thrills your eyes and heart, who makes you laugh until you can hardly breathe, who refuses to take the easy way around difficulties but rather says, look, let's face it all, together. life, by god, has such gifts. please, my friends, do not ever, ever doubt it.

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  1. ….of course, I could very well be standing on a sandy Polynesian beach right now and not even know it.I'll never really know.

  2. I know Bora-Bora exists too but I'm fairly sure I'll never get there. ….of course, I could very well be standing on a sandy Polynesian beach right now and not even know it.I'll never really know.I hope that's not true, Jay. Don't give up.

  3. Sometimes it is. I'm kinda stupid like that.And yes, I get inspired too when I hear news like this. It helps to know it can happen to real people too. ^__~

  4. Thank you, Sarah. I love this post, which is so encouraging and resurrect my belief in people and in life. I also can see how happy you are now. Good for you. Can't find time to write more but i will. I have moved to a new work place which i think i could apply what i learned from you and Bonnie in my job. Take care!!!

  5. Two roads diverged in a yellow wood… I took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference.
    – Robert Frost –
    Sounds like your road was long and winding, yet went exactly where you wanted to go. Happy happy, joy joy joy….

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