so it’s one of those mornings: overcast, dragging– I chew my way resignedly through a bowl of cereal because it is required, do the utmost minimum in the way of morning toilette and wardrobe, again simply because it is required– grit psychic teeth and fight myself every inch of the way to get to and give up my day to the place of work because I must.  on the way in I decide, as unhappiness compensation, to treat myself to delicious $4 coffee beverage from the place located conveniently right near the workplace, suffer through the gratingly insistent jollity of the barrista (barristo?), sigh contentedly as I settle back into the relative peace of my car seat and savor the first sweet sip– then have a single gulp more while driving the final yards, pull in, kill the engine, undo seat belt and open car door, lever myself up and out with coffee in hand– and watch in slow motion dismay as the cup splats open against the parking lot pavement and glugs its contents in a chocolately pool across the tarmac and under my car.

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  1. I spilled quite a bit of coffee — which I rarely drink anymore and took on a whim — on my pants as I was driving to work this morning. I hadn't made it very far, so returned home for a wardrobe change.I realize it will probably be small consolation, but a few minutes before the spill, I was thinking kind and caring thoughts about you, feeling sympathy for your sadness (for I have been there, too), and wishing there was something I could do or say to help.FWIW, if I ever make it to Chicago again, I intend to make sure to buy you a coffee.

  2. oh dear god, I so hate being a pity partier (difficult for a depressive, you can be sure ;) )– though I do thank you guys for your sympathetic notes and the intent behind them, very sweet. I feel I'd be far better served devising a way to write such things in a comically entertaining fashion in lieu of submitting to that final slide down the slope to wet blankethood. fwiw, venting in this melodramatic fml fashion did make me and then narrating it live to a coworker with an exaggerated importuning of the heavens, "WHY???" did serve to put me in touch with the humorous absurdity. now am in the swing of the working day, with mug of brewed coffee in hand, and feeling much better.(also to be noted, that the boyfriend has recently tapped into some little fml app on his ipod touch and is addicted to reading aloud these tales of, often ridiculous and excruciating, daily woe.)

  3. I only discovered the expression FML at the beginning of this week and found the site soon after. Some of it is, as you said, truly excruciating.I feel a little sheepish now, but also relieved your circumstances are perhaps better than I had inferred from a handful of posts, which I had even imagined might be the case. I wonder how one would create an emoticon for "shakes fists at the sky?"(Notwithstanding, I have always intended, should I make it there, to treat you to a coffee.)

  4. no no– you're inferring totally accurately– I've been dumpy for awhile, thajob, thacity, dadblastedparking, thaneverendingwinter(nowended), thapurposeoflife, blahblahblah– I just hate giving myself away. as I see it, I'm the one wearing the sheep suit in this scenario, fyi.all coffee dates most gratefully accepted! :)(I too also only recently discovered the phrase "fml" when chris and I attended the cut & paste design event a couple of weeks back and they used it as one of the design themes– prior to that I had no idea it was a thing)

  5. Dude, I totally had to Google "FML" to figure out what the hell you guys were talking about — hmm, yeah.
    Sorry about the coffee episode — that sucks. Sorry about the ongoing suckage too. I hear ya — try as I might to get out/away from the suckage, it's like quicksand sometimes.

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